Menu of the day: ? 15.00
Paella or gazpacho or mixed salad or soup.
Chicken fillet or pork loin or hake or cod.
Pán, drink and dessert.

Special Menu: ? 25.00
Scrambled asparagus and prawns or salad patios or paella.
Churrasco or entrecot or cheek or swordfish.
Pán, drink and dessert.

Cordovan menu: ? 20.00
Salmorejo or eggplant honey.
Flamenquín or oxtail.
Bread, drink and dessert.

Children's menu: ? 10.00
Croquettes, sausages and chips.
Bread, drink and dessert.

TASTING MENU for 2 people: ? 50.00
8 of our specialties.
Breads, drinks and desserts for two.